Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is a Blog about a variety of subjects.

  • Expect me to talk about our cultural evolution as a crisis that is unfolding with ever increasing problems for us humans.
  • Expect me to talk about the increasing number children with developmental problems.
  • Expect me to talk about technology and how it affects us physically and culturally.
  • Expect me to talk about how less and less of our food supply matches our biological needs.
  • Expect me to embrace and to blame the Industrial Revolution.
  • Expect me to talk about blogging.
  • Expect to see a bunch of blog reviews and technorati favs exchanges to build readership.

I'm just learning about blogging, so I welcome comments and suggestions to help me get this going well.

Rodger Bailey, MS
Rodger dot Bailey at GoToFocus dot com

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