Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blog Review: Fiber Optic 101

Fiber Optic 101

This is a blog about fiber optic technology. This is an exploration of the concepts, technologies, and applications of fiber optics. This includes telephone, Internet, cable TV, and lighting applications. This blog is like an introductory course with a lot of things being touched on without many specific technical details; it is a good overview. The blog starts with a good introduction and overview for those who know little or nothing about fiber optic technology and who might find it interesting to know a little more about how digital cable images get into their homes, and why that image quality is so much better than before. It has a short history of fiber optics and talk about how fiber optics has changed how we obtain TV cable signals in our homes; now cable has become digital and this means that it's coming to our homes by fiber optic cable.

The technorati button for this blog is Add to Technorati Favorites and the tags are fiber optic, fiber optic cable, fiber optic technology, and fiber optic scope. And, as part of a good review exchange, I will include an exchange of technorati favs posting.

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